Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day

Friday was such a busy day! Savannah was working, Rosie was enjoying her last day of school, Amelia was fast asleep, and I was running crazy. My mom and I met a painter at the new house for a run through to get a quote for painting the house ceilings to baseboards. In the meantime I was taking and picking up Jordan for one exam he had to take. I put EllaKate down and ran to get my eyebrows done. I was also expecting my sweet friend Beth Hendry from Atlanta. We have taught together for so long and she has taught Savannah, Amelia, and Rosemary. The best thing about her is... she is adopting a precious little girl, Abby, from China too. As a matter of fact, we are both logged in on June 20, 2007 (1 year coming up) both with CCAI and believe we will travel to China together and probably adopt babies from the same orphanage!!! How amazing is that? Also I am trying to talk her into moving to Hartwell so our girls can grow up together :-)!!! Now you are probably wondering why she came? Well, she is truly gifted with an eye for design. Her house is beautiful and she came to help me pick paint colors, carpet, position furniture, and decide on new things I might need. She took a look at the 'cottage' and then we went to the new house for a look. It was a fun time!!! Because Savannah was at work, we had to run down to see her.

Savannah took an intern position with our local Chamber of Commerce for the summer. She is enjoying it. They just finished a project this past weekend called Cars and Guitars under the Stars. Now they are working on The Pre-Fourth Extravaganza. It is a fun time of booths on the square, dance on Depot Street, and a fantastic fireworks show shot from the dam. Last year we went by boat out to watch the show and it was quite magical! This is a picture I shot of Beth, EllaKate, and Savannah outside the Chamber.

On the way home, Beth stopped by a fabric store and picked up a few swatches of fabric for my house just from the memory of my paint colors. I will post about that later.

Later that evening, my sister Marcia and Becca came and we all went to watch Jessica graduate. It was a cool evening with the threat of rain but held off during the ceremony. She was an honor graduate and we were all so proud of her!!! EllaKate and I left a little early and the rest of the crowd went for ice cream.

The weekend was filled with family and friends out on the lake and then in for the evening with a cookout. We went to church Sunday morning and had lunch at my moms but other than that we were on the boat or jet ski. We grilled hamburgers/ hotdogs, chicken fajitas, and BBQ chicken. The best thing about the holiday was having Jason, Amy, Marcia, and Becca home to hang out with us. I am looking so forward to having Jason and Amy home for good probably in July. Have I mentioned they are moving into this house when we move to the new house? Still working on Marcia... :-) I dedicate this video to my family and the wonderful love we all share for each other! I am so thankful!!! OH AND IT IS THANKFUL THURSDAY!!! That worked out just perfect!!!

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