Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Funny Things they Say

I tell people all the time- EllaKate makes me laugh every day! One morning this week, she was eating her breakfast and wanted a drink. She doesn't really want to drink water that much out of a sippy cup so I handed her a small water bottle. You should have seen her face- it lit up like I gave her a gigantic birthday present. She said, "Mom. I'm big now???" Needless to say, she doesn't want sippy cups anymore- only regular cups.

Yesterday morning I was getting ready so we could run to Commerce to the Polo outlet for Father's Day presents. I was putting on my clothes when EllaKate came into my room. As I put on my bra she said, "Are you putting on your goggles?" I almost fell on the floor laughing- amazing what she puts together and then comments on.

And lately, everyone EllaKate talks to, she tells them she has a new house and it has a pool. She is so excited to move soon. We get the house Wednesday and begin all the work. Painters and hardwood guys all begin bright and early Thursday morning. I will put up pictures Wednesday when it is our house... until then I am packing...

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