Friday, April 11, 2008

Spring Break

We drove up to Dahlonega to see Savannah. We picked her up after class and went to lunch. We also went by her dorm to see her friends. They always love to see the girls. We are on a spending diet (need to sell our houses) so there was no shopping- just up and back. Scott took the girls to play tennis again and then we got our run in. It was the perfect spring break day.

Yesterday was day three - no time to post. The day was spent spring cleaning. Amelia and Rosemary helped Scott in the yard while EllaKate and I worked in the house. Everyone changed out their clothes from winter to summer- what a refreshing feeling. Amy's parents were up visiting with Amy and Jason so we all went to Cateechee for dinner- so delicious!

Today we are off to Atlanta after Amelia gets a private tennis lesson. We are meeting Savannah and Josh for dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory downtown and then to the Atlanta Civic Center for the 8:00 Lion King show. It will be a late night, but I'm sure it will be worth it!

A day late posting again but... we didn't get home until 1am. Amelia had a tennis lesson yesterday and afterwards, the girls and I left for Atlanta. We ate lunch and did a little shopping. Amelia had some birthday money that was burning a hole and I had Gymbucks to spend- (can't let those go to waste!!!) Now back to that spending diet :-).

We met Scott and went downtown for dinner @ Old Spaghetti Factory. Savannah and Josh met us there too. After a fantastic dinner, we enjoyed The Lion King show @ the Atlanta Civic Center. It was amazing!!! EllaKate only took a 30 min catnap yesterday so we were wondering how she would do. Guess what? She watched every minute in my lap on the edge of her seat. She took in every detail and said some of the cutest things. When the show first started all the animals came down the aisles and she turned around to me and said, "Did they let all the animals out of the zoo?" I said, "Yes!" She just clapped and clapped as if they had all been rescued!!! Also @ intermission, she thought it was over. We told her there was more and she said, "We get to watch it again?" It was a great evening!!!

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