Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Greenville Zoo

We took EllaKate to the Greenville Zoo. It was very nice- clean! Not very big but EllaKate loved it!!! Our favorite animals were the giraffes! They are so majestic! We played in the park and went to Downtown Greenville. It was wonderful! We walked on Main and ate lunch @ Trio- delicious! We popped in a few shops and got Marble Slab. It was a really great day! When we got home, Scott took A and R to play tennis and then he and I went for a run. YES... I said run. We started back running together yesterday. I forgot how much I enjoyed that time together- I don't think I have really ran since way before we went to China. Happy 3rd birthday sweet EllaKate ShuangJiang Ankerich!

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