Thursday, April 17, 2008

Miss Priss

Today I went to Amelia's school to have a conference with her math teacher. EllaKate went right along with me as she goes pretty much everywhere I do. She took her Vera with crayons and paper to do 'school' while I talked. We sat down at the table and Ella worked hard on her 'work'. She has a little snack and then got down to explore. I heard her rattling around in my purse but I was listening closely to the teacher. I finally looked around to see what Ella was doing and she was frantically searching for my mirror. I asked why she needed and she looked at me and pursed her lips... She had taken out my lipstick tube, perfectly applied lipstick to both lips, and wanted to check it out. I had to laugh and the teacher was amazed EllaKate did such a great job. Of course I snapped pics with my phone as soon as the conference was over. We had to make a Wal-mart run and we got a few stares as if people were thinking... "I can't believe that lady lets her 3 year old wear lipstick like that." Oh well, I thought it was adorable and EllaKate definitely thought she was beautiful!!! Better to work on self esteem than to worry about what other people think... right? Right!!!

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