Saturday, October 6, 2007

Update on EK

EllaKate and I went to see Dr. Morgan yesterday for a follow up to the emergency room visit. My mom rode with us and sat in the back to entertain EllaKate. It was a most pleasant hour and a half drive to say the least! Anyway, after talking with Dr. Morgan and going over the incident once again, she could not come to a diagnosis without some more tests. So she has ordered a CT scan to be done on Thursday @ 9:30 @ Scottish Rite and an EEG still to be scheduled because they are booked until the second week in Nov (so we are on the cancellation list). We left thinking we were definitely looking at a seizure of some kind. That is actually what she wrote as the diagnosis on the bill.

Then last night she called back to say she had just gotten the EKG from the hospital and she saw a concern with a conduction delay on the EKG. We are not at all sure what that means but she was trying to consult with a cardiologist today and we may be scheduled to see him next week as well. That kind of makes sense in that EllaKate was really active running around, jumping, and climbing and then all of a sudden it was all over. It was as if she just collapsed and her heart may not have been able to work properly. All I am doing is guessing just trying to make sense of it all. The thing is there is no sense in it until we have some tests run and allow the doctors to determine what is going on. Until all that takes place, we go right on with everything business as usual.

We are thankful for the weekend. Scott gets to stay home with us, the girls get to sleep in, there is no schedule, Savannah is coming home tomorrow for an overnight, and EllaKate is safe and sound here with us at home. God is so good- it could be so much worse so we are thankful for the blessings we have and count them carefully today!!! Thank you to everyone for the sweet comments, phone calls, and most all of prayers!!! Keep praying- God is the maker of miracles!!!

Update on EllaKate:
Dr. Morgan scheduled us for a CT scan Wednesday morning @ 9:30 @ Scottish Rite. There are no EEG appts until 2nd week in November so we are on the cancellation list should one come up before that, and we are still waiting to hear if we need to see a cardiologist about the concern on the EKG.

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