Thursday, October 4, 2007

God is SO good!

I met a sweet friend Debbie and little LiLi at Mall of Georgia for a playdate yesterday morning. Debbie got there a little while before me, so she and LiLi were hanging out at Starbuck's waiting. EllaKate and I finally arrived, got a coffee and chocolate milk, and we all headed down to the play area. Debbie and I sat and talked while the girls were playing. I was looking at Debbie for a minute and glanced back to see Ella lying on the floor. I thought she was just playing so I walked over fully expecting her to jump and laugh. That was not the case. I called her but she did not respond. I grabbed her and she was completely limp. I was trying to control my emotions so I could stay in control of what was happening.

The 'God is SO good' part was that Debbie was there with me to see what was happening. She said she thought Ella had just had a seizure similar to what LiLi has been having. (Pray for them as LiLi has an EEG this morning after two days of sleep deprivation.) I think I was in denial and tried to rationalize it away. After a few minutes, Ella was back to self and wanted down to play. I let her down and within a few minutes she had had two other episodes and Debbie suggested I call Dr. Morgan. I did and she sent us down to Scottish Rite. Debbie drove us down there and Scott met us. We were taken back and they ran blood work tests and an EKG. Everything checked out great. We were sent home without any answers. Dr. Morgan called us on the way home to say she had spoken with the emergency room doctor, and there was nothing evident with the tests. She suggested we see her, which we are doing today, and she will probably order an EEG just like LiLi.

So as I was saying, 'God is SO good'~ how amazing that He put me with Debbie and LiLi just at the right moment and even if it turns out to be something other than seizures, I am so thankful to have had such a precious person in my life yesterday to be the strong, controlled, and caring arm of Christ to be there during a very scary time!

Update: We went to see Dr. Morgan today and she is concerned that we need to get to the bottom of what might be going on with EllaKate. She has ordered a CT scan and EEG. So we will be doing the same thing that Debbie and LiLi just went through this morning. Debbie emailed everyone to say LiLi did beautifully and is sleeping so soundly now that they are back home. I know I will be talking to her frequently over the next days to prepare for what lies ahead. Oh, and EllaKate is sleeping soundly too!

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