Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

Today was a great day for a pumpkin patch visit. Suzanne Cain told us about a great place called Washington Farm in Watkinsville, so we took the girls. We couldn't believe all the people there, and to top it all off, we ran into some old friends from Duluth (live in Watkinsville now), Cathy and Dave Graves. It was so great to see them. We got a wheelbarrow which EllaKate loved and we pushed it out into the patch. There were tons of pumpkins to choose from. I am not kidding when I say EllaKate chose her pumpkin in about 30 seconds, Rosemary found hers next, and then we found the family pumpkin. It is huge and will be full of wonderful pumpkin seeds which we LOVE to roast and eat. The girls love carving and decorating the pumpkins.

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