Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Busy Day

Today we had to take EllaKate down to Scottish Rite for a CT scan per Dr. Morgan's orders. We left home around 6am and my mom was here to get the girls off to school. We got to the hospital around 8:15 and signed in. They took us back to radiology and called us into the room. The nurse explained that EllaKate was to be sedated for the test but they wanted to try her without it first. We took her in and showed her the table where she would lay and told her she would need to be very still. Well, the nurse layed her down, strapped her papoose style, and strapped her head as well. I was able to place my hand on her face, sing to her, and that baby didn't move a muscle, so we were out of there in about 10 minutes!!! We won't know the results for about 2 days.

EllaKate had not been able to eat or drink before the test so she was starving. We ate brunch @ Mimi's Cafe and then went down to visit Dick, Chaunda, and Jamie @ CCAI, our adoption agency. It was so ironic that we walked in and Dick said he had just emailed us about EllaKate. It was great to sit and visit with them a few minutes.

Afterwards, we ran a few errands and headed out to Snellville for an appointment with Dr. Dooly, the cardiologist. EllaKate had to get another EKG and some other test, and then we saw Dr. Dooly. He did not see anything on this EKG but was not satisfied since I told him EllaKate had another spell yesterday afternoon. He hooked her up to a Holter monitor that she is to wear for 30 days. If there are other spells, we will push a button on the monitor that will immediately take an EKG and then we have to call in and transmit the information to a monitoring center. They will then relay the info to Dr. Dooly and he will call us if there is a concern. I am so relieved that there is something that will record what is happening when she has these spells. We still don't know when the EEG will happen. We are very thankful to have seem so many wonderful people today that are doing all they can to find out what is going on with our sweet baby girl!!!

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