Wednesday, October 17, 2007

EK Update

Since the Holter monitor has been on, we have had three episodes where her heart has been racing really for no reason with the latest one happening today during nap. I have called in a reading for two of the times and today I was able to talk a little with the people who read the EKG. I actually had a couple of the wires hooked up incorrectly but she helped me fix them. She said that if there was a concern, she would tell me right away and then call the doctor. From the two readings so far, there had been no reason to contact them. That is good news and yet no news. We do have a neurology appointment scheduled for next Thursday and the EEG is Nov. 27, so hopefully we will get some more info at that time. Until then, we continue to go about our day and pray God will lead us to the right doctors and that EllaKate will be healed completely!

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