Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Visit to see Savannah

Today EllaKate and I took a trip to visit Savannah in Dahlonega. What a wonderful day!!! We actually took a quick trip to Nordstoms and Target @ Mall of GA. and ... while in Target, I was trying to open a book for Ella with my pocket knife and sliced the end of my thumb. It took a long time for the bleeding to stop but finally did by the time I saw Savannah. I had her bandage me up so I could spend the day with her!

We drove to the outlets on 400, ate lunch @ Ruby Tuesdays, and did a little shopping. It was great hanging out with my sweet college girl!!! We dropped her back @ the dorm about 4 and drove home. I did very well leaving her.

When Cathy Lopes came home, she stopped by the house to take a look at my finger. She said we needed to go to the emergency room. I was reluctant but went anyway- she's the nurse. When we got to Hart Co Hospital, Cathy asked if someone might take a look @ it before we were taken back. A nurse was coming down the hall, so the lady stopped her to take a look. She asked another nurse to come down and they both agreed that if I didn't want stitches, it would probably heal with butterfly stitches in place. So... you could say I high tailed it out of there and we went back to Cathy's where she cleaned it, bandaged it, and put on a BIG finger guard- you would think I had surgery, but it is really feeling better now. What a great day... I spent the day with Savannah and didn't have to get stitches!!!

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