Friday, August 24, 2007

Thankful Friday

Since I am always a day late, I am celebrating Thankful Friday today. I am so very thankful that our 3 school girls are happy in their indiviual situations.

Savannah has called us each day with yesterday being the best so far. She called to say her classes were great, she had met tons of new friends, and connected with old ones that she didn't even know were at North Ga.

Amelia says Hart Co HS is so great because the people are nicer and she has more friends here,

Rosemary loves her new school because she had gotten involved in the drama club, met some great friends, and her teachers are really nice.

EllaKate finally go interested in dress up this week. I put all her clothes in a basket and she picks out what she want to wear. She has even put the dresses on by herself a couple of times!!!

I am also thankful for the good friends I am making! One in particular is Kathy Carter who has gone way out of her way to make our family feel connected and welcome here in Hartwell. She has been so concerned about me missing Savannah so much. On Wednesday, I had a call from a local florist and they delivered a gorgeous arrangement for me from Kathy. Card said, "Just thinking of you". How sweet is that? Anyway, I am thankful for old friends, new friends, blog friends, and family!!!

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