Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Savannah Update

Savannah called yesterday when she got out of class, again last night, and this morning. I am so thankful she is willing to call and let us in on all that is going on. Yesterday was very productive. She had a leadership class, picked up her books ($400 worth), picked up her parking decal, finished organizing her room, and still had to time to call us. She had a class in Atlanta last night so she met Scott for dinner, went to the class, and then spent the night @ Jason and Amy's. She headed back to school this morning and called me when she got there safe and sound. She was so excited because her computer was up and running. She said all the upper classmen are moving in today so it is really busy around there. Today is a free day to get ready for classes to begin in the morning. There is dance tonight, a movie on the lawn Wednesday night, Baptist ministry thing Thursday night, and something else Friday night. They are keeping them really busy so that is great! She and Kristen are doing something with the Baptist ministry this weekend and they plan to go to church with Kristen's brother and wife on Sunday. She plans to come home Labor Day weekend!!!

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