Monday, August 20, 2007

One Flew the Nest

When you have a baby, you are amazed that this little baby grew inside you and now you are holding it- for the rest of your life. So it began with Savannah. I wanted a girl so bad when I was pregnant, I was convinced I was having a boy. Can you imagine my surprise when Dr. McCoy said, "Well, we have a little Savannah Lee Ankerich." Then for the next 6 years, we took care of her every need in preparation for her to start kindergarten. Because I was a teacher, I don't think it was as hard as it could have been to send her. She already knew the school and her teacher so she was completely ready. So was true when she went to middle school and high school. I can remember the first time we watched her drive away from the house in her car by herself- that was a break down moment.

But... none of those moments prepare you for the moment Scott and I experienced yesterday when we took Savannah to North Georgia. It began as a very happy morning with packing, breakfast, and the drive up to Dahlonega. We drove up through Toccoa and Cleveland and it took about an hour and 40 minutes- 80 miles. We arrived @ the college about noon and drove up to the front for unloading. It was so exciting to be surrounded by so many families doing the same thing. We unloaded and then Savannah registered. There were a really nice group of people there helping everyone take their stuff in. Even the new military boys were helping. It took two loads to get everything in.

Not long after we began putting Savannah's things away, her roommate Kristen and family arrived. The girls decided to loft their beds as to create a study and relaxing space underneath. We got all the clothes put away and decided to get some lunch. We made a Walmart run too.

Savannah and Kristen had a meeting @ 4:30, so we got them back right on time and we had to leave. Savannah had asked me not to cry when I was there so I held myself together until I realized she was tearing up and I walked away. When I got to the car, I couldn't hold back any longer. My heart was breaking.... breaking away from body to stay in Dahlonega inside Savannah.

It was a very quiet ride home. We actually came home through Gainesville and I85- same time only 90 miles- we liked that way better- no turns- straight shot. We got home around 6:15 and we both had a good cry. We remember the day my mom left us in Atlanta with a newborn Savannah ~ we cried and cried because we didn't know if we could take care of her by ourselves. 18 years later, we sat and cried and cried because we are amazed that we raised (With God's grace) such an amazing young woman who now lives in Dahlonega on her own at college to fulfil the great plan that God has for her life. Sweet Savannah we are so proud of you and you Bless Us Beyond Belief each and every day of our lives!!!

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