Monday, June 11, 2007


What are we up to? Amelia, EllaKate, and I are all in Hartwell this week. Amelia has Gymdawg camp @ her gym this week 9-3 so we are here while Scott, Savannah, and Rosie are all in Atlanta. Rosie wanted to go to bible school @ our church, so Savannah is taking her back and forth. She also needs to practice for Summer Music workshop each day as well. Today I cleaned the house from top to bottom while Amelia was @ gym. EllaKate played around wherever I was. She loves this house. She seems to be able to keep herself busy here. The stress level here is much lower because I'm not waiting for someone to show the house.

Adoption News: Our dossier is in translation in CO and hopefully will be mailed to China this week!!!

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