Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Rosie's Awards

Yesterday was Rosie's Day! Savannah, EllaKate and I went to Rosie's fifth grade awards celebration. Rosie earned the Principal's Award for the 4th nine weeks and All As and Bs for the entire year. Probably the best award she received was The Cardinal of the Year Award for citizenship. She and her friend Emily both received the award for Mrs. Hendry's class.

Later last night, we enjoyed Rosie's piano recital. Boy did that bring back memories for me. Rosie played so beautifully. We are amazed how much she has learned and improved for her first year taking lessons. Donna Babb has been a fabulous teacher!!!We will miss her, but Rosie plans to take piano when we move to Hartwell. The night ended with a delicious yogurt treat from TCBY!

On Sunday we attended Rosie's GA (Girls in Action) luncheon after the worship service. She and Hannah always went to GAs on Wednesday nights to learn about missionaries all around the world. Rosie and Hannah earned charms for their bracelets for the hard work they did on all their projects.

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