Friday, December 22, 2006

A Great Christmas

On Christmas Eve, we went to the Lopes' home for dinner, presents, and dessert. We went over around 5:30 and had a great spaghetti dinner!!! We really enjoyed the time together as families. A family they have known for years was there for the holidays so we loved getting to know them too. Ashley, the daugher, and Savannah had met before a couple of times and become best friends over the past two years. They loved every minute they spent together. We all enjoyed opening presents and then left for our Christmas Eve service @ our church. We love going each year because we observe the Lord's Supper and end with candle light. It is a very moving service and allows us all to stop and really think on the birth of Jesus Christ. After the service, we went back to the Lopes' and enjoyed dessert. I think we got home around 10:30- just in time to get in bed before Santa came.

The Friday before Christmas, we went to Hartwell to have Christmas with my family. My sister, Marcia was home from Charleston and we wanted to celebrate with her family. We went up that morning and helped mama with the cooking. We all ate lunch together (the best ever!!!), and then gathered around the tree to open presents. The kids had a ball and all received exactly what they wanted. It was a rainy day so we all just hung out, ate dessert, and talked until night. We did go down and visit with Susan and Tony for a little while.

Our Christmas was so special since we felt complete with EllaKate. She loved every part of Christmas from the tree to all the food. Probably the kick off to the season was Rosemary's Cardinal Chorus concert. We all went to hear her on the Tuesday before they got out for the holidays. Jason was sick, but Amy came to listen too!

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