Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day

Christmas was so great! The girls woke up around 7am and came in to get us. They waited on the stairs for us check for Santa and to turn on the lights. When EllaKate went around the corner, her eyes were so big and she said, "Oooooooo!!!". We all were in awe of her wonder and watched her for the longest time! Finally, the big girls realized they had presents too and began opening them. Probably EllaKate's favorite toy was her vacuum cleaner. She has really enjoyed pulling and pushing it around the house.

All the presents from us to each other had white ribbon tied around them. One of the sweetest moments was when Ella picked up a ribbon that was still tied and put it around her neck. I immediately snapped her picture because it was as if she realized she was the BEST present our family had been waiting on for sooooooooooooo long!!! As I would say in China every time we reached a new milestone on the trip, "Thank you Jesus!!!". Christmas Day was a day to say, "Thank you Jesus" for many reasons- Ella being the biggest!!!

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