Tuesday, August 15, 2006

First Day of School 2006

We are happy to report a very happy first week of school. Savannah left each morning around 6:30 and it took her 30 minutes to travel the three miles to Mill Creek HS. She is excited about all her classes, especially anatomy. She is going to the Body Exhibit @ the Atlanta Civic Center in a couple of weeks.

Rosemary left second @ 8:10. EK and I walked her the bus and saw her off to 5th grade. She has three wonderful teachers!!!- Beth Hendry, Craig Furr, and Stacy Covey. She loves school! The other great news for Rosie is that she starts piano lessons tomorrow after school. She is excited about that too!

Amelia was the last to be off to school. We also walked her down to the bus and she got on about 9:00. She has great teachers too. She is on yearbook this year and is a peer leader. She is excited about those two opportunites. After the bus left, EK and I went on our daily morning walk. It is a nice time to get out and get some fresh air!

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