Sunday, August 20, 2006

EK @ Sunday School

Well, I still can't believe it but we stopped by on Sunday morning to just see what Ella Kate's new SS class looked like. Ms. Sara is a lady that took care of the big girls when they were in the nursery long ago. I was glad to see her so we let EK go in and see what she thought. She sat right down and began playing. The teachers really encouraged us to leave her, so we got a beeper and stood outside the room and watched her through the window for a long time. She was doing great so we went to our SS, (crying of course). Amelia and I decided we would go and check on her afterwards, before service. We were amazed! She was sitting at a little table with her friends eating a cracker. We both had tears again. We decided she was ok so we went to service. We couldn't wait to go pick her up afterwards. When we got back, the teachers couldn't say enough sweet things about her! This picture shows what Ella was doing when we got there - playing with the babies. We were so proud of her and she even went back last night and played while we all went to Bible studies. What a big day for Ella Kate and me!!!!!

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