Monday, April 3, 2006

Physical Exam

Today was Ella Kate's physical exam for her visa and consulant appt. We had to be there about 9:45. There were tons of people there from adoptive families to local people. There was a separate area for the adoptive families. Our whole group went back and waited for our turn. A very nice lady in our group took our family photo. We had to take Ella to three different check-up areas. We went to the general doctor first. He checked her skin, bones, and head. He thought she was great and sent us to the next area. We then went to the weight, height, and temp. Ella Kate weighed 19.5 pounds. I think they said she was in the top 75% for her height. We then moved on to the ENT. She checked Ella's hearing, ears, and looked down her throat. She checked put great in all areas. We were free to go. We stopped by a few shops on the way back to hotel and finished our gift shopping. We all came back for Ella's bottle and naptime. We all rested for about 2 hours and off to eat a midday meal at Lucy's. We went to a great Thai restaurant last night. It was really spicy and we all liked it!!! We are glad that we will be home in 3 days!!! Love to all!!!

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