Monday, February 20, 2006

What Are We Waiting On?

What's Next??
In the realm of Chinese adoptions, there are two very important parts: "paperwork" & "waiting"! We are currently back in the "Waiting" mode. It is probably the harder of the two. Right now we are waiting for the CCAA - the division of the Chinese Government responsible for adoptions, to provide our agency, CCAI, with a Travel Notice giving us permission to travel to China to get Tynley. Once they receive our Travel Notice, CCAI will contact the United States Consulate in Guangzhou to acquire a consulate appointment for us. At that appointment we receive Ella Kate's visa so that she can travel back to the United States with us. Hopefully, there will be plenty of appointments available once we have our travel notice. Once we have a consulate appointment our travel dates can be set and we will be frantically making travel arrangements! At that point----LOOK OUT CHINA... HERE WE COME!!!

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