Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Shower of Blessings

Today our family was showered with the blessings and gifts from my school staff. The shower was held in the library and many of my friends came to celebrate sweet Ella Kate. It was hosted by my kindergarten grade level and Jennie Jones. What a wonderful group of friends!!!

We enjoyed an amazing table of food! The cake and punch was delicious!!! As each person came in, they were asked to write a special wish for Ella Kate and then wrap it around a candle. At each birthday, we will open the candles and read the wishes. What a precious gift to all of us!!! A couple of my friends, Beth and Marsha, read special poems for all to enjoy and weep about. I was very touched and blessed by them both.

Words could never express the immense love I have for everyone of you that made my day so special! I am so thankful for every card and gift. I will cherish the words written to me forever. I promise that everything given to us will be used faithfully to take care of our precious baby!!! I thank you and love all of you from the bottom of my heart!!!

An Update!!!

Usually about 3 weeks after the referral, families receive an updated version of the information received in the referral packet. We were sent an update in the mail today from CCAI. During the last 3 weeks, the translation dept. has completed translating the complete paper work from Ella Kate's orphanage.

Ella Kate (Qian Shuang Jiang) was found on April 11, 2005 at the entrance of the Qianjiang District Personnel Bureau of Chongqing City. After receiving the report, the policemen went to the scene and conducted a search, but couldn't find her biological parents. After approval was received from the Civil Affairs Bureau, she was sent to the Qianjiang District SWC to be cared for on the same day.

When she entered the orphanage, she was wearing an old outfit and there were no objects found with her. The medical staff gave her a physical exam and she was said to be in perfect health. She cried loudly and clearly. Based on her physical development and her umbilical cord, the medical staff estimated her birth date to be April 7, 2005.

We are so happy to have this new information. We are hoping to get the travel announcement this week and travel in the next few weeks! Thanks for you continued prayers!!!

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