Saturday, February 11, 2006

Packing Already

What do you do while waiting to travel? Start packing!!! We have heard through the maillist that we may be leaving anywhere between March 8-15. That being said, I started packing today. Scott is in Toronto so we are trying to stay busy. We already had three big suitcases, and needed two more. We went to Target and bought them today along with tags and locks. I have been buying things along the way - mainly medicine and things for Ella. We have to take everything you can think of for 6 people. We are not taking many clothes for her because everyone says clothes are very inexpensive in China so wait and buy them there. We will each take a week's worth of clothes and have them laundered to wear the second week. I took a picture of the my closet where the suitcases will sit until we are ready to go. I have been organizing everything in sight as well. I think I am nesting!!!

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