Thursday, February 2, 2006

Care Package

In the FedEx package on Saturday, we were given directions of how to send a care package to Ella Kate. We have been deciding forever of what we would send. On Tuesday night, we filled out the paper work and packed the box. We included a soft photo album with pictures of our family and home (words written in Chinese), a rattle (her favorite toy), an outfit with socks, a teddy bear that sings, a camera for the nannies to snap pictures

with, and two packs of Hershey kisses for the nannies that take care of her. Scott took the box to the post office yesterday and sent it to China. It cost about $30. I wish we could see her when they give her the things we sent. I also hope she will begin to bond to us by looking at our pictures and hearing the nannies say, "Mama, daddy, sister." We are still trying to believe this is really happening!!!

When Will We Go?

We just got word that some of the referrals from January 5 just got their consulate appointments. They will be leaving on February 18 or so. Their appointment is March 1st. I hope that means we will get to leave around the middle of March with our appointment being at the end of March. We are group 923 and all groups have appointments through group 921. We are next to get word!!!

Great news! Today we received Consulate appointment confirmations for G912 and G913! We will be emailing you shortly with more specific information about your Consulate appointment date and projected travel dates.
We are encouraged that the Consulate has begun working on our requests and confident that the outstanding Consulate appointment confirmations for G914 and G915 will arrive over the next few days.

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