Saturday, January 28, 2006

Referral Packet

When I opened the package (with the FedEx guy), I was shaking like a leaf! I couldn't turn the pages quick enough!!! On the third page were two of the sweetest pictures I had EVER seen! She was beautiful!!! Even the FedEx guy said so. She is dressed in the cutest outfit and seems very alert. She seems to know she is posing for her new forever family!

Qian Shuang Jiang
Quin- Surname; Shuang- Twin, double, two; Jiang- River
9 months old

Date of Birth: April 7, 2005
Province: Chongqing
Orphanage: Chongqing City Qianjiang District SWI

Physical Growth:
Height- 25.59 in
Weight- 16.5 lbs
Head Cir.- 16.14 in
Chest Cir.- 16.46 in
Great overall health - vision good, hearing good
No teeth

Routine Schedule:
Wakes up @ 6am; Naps @ 11:30am & 1:30pm; Bedtime- 8:30 (deep sleeper); Meals @ 6am and then every 3-4 hours;

Primary Diet:
Milk-based formula; rice based formula and rice porridge

Favorite Activity: Doing exercises
Favorite Toy: Rattles that make sound

Physical Abilities:
She can hold her head up while lying on stomach
Rolls over
Grasps toy near hand
Locates the direction of sounds and voices
Looks for a dropped toy
Visually follows movement
Knows name and turns when called

She is said to be active and likes listening to music. She is quick to reaction and is closest to her caretaker.

I'm sure you will agree, she is so precious and we can barely wait to go and sweep her into our arms forever!!!

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