Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Match Room

Scott spoke with CCAI yesterday and they verified that our dossier is in the Match Room. Judy told him that it is hoped that they will complete the matches and mail the referrals by next Friday. That would mean we will get a call the following Tuesday, January 31. If the referrals are not mailed on January 27, they will not be mailed until around February 14 due to Chinese New Year celebrations. We are praying that they are mailed next week!!!

A friend of mine told me the match room is the room where our faces are matched with the face of our Ella Kate. The dossiers are spread out on tables with family faces showing. The Chinese are said to be excellent at reading faces. As they look at our family's faces, they are matching a baby to us. They place a baby face down beside our faces. It is thought that they come back each day and review what was matched the day before. This process started on Wednesday and we hope they will finish and mail by next Friday!

This is copied from a Chinese Website of the step we are on:
Step Three is Department 2 where the family is matched with a waiting child! The medical report of the child is reviewed one final time and that report and the child's small visa photo are forwarded to the family's agency. The intent is for the family to review the information and accept in writing the referral and return this approval back to the CCAA. Once received, the information is shared with the provincial officials. The mailing alone can take 2 weeks. Then, the Invitation to Travel letter is generated, and is personally signed (with a special red chop) by one of the two Vice Directors of the Center.

We are very excited that we are almost at match day!!!

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