Friday, January 27, 2006

Match Day

Friday was one of the best days of our family's lives. Scott and I decided to let the girls stay home from school until the call came. We both got up early but the girls slept in. We all dressed in red to celebrate the red thread connection today!

Every one stayed busy reading, watching movies, doing laundry, paying bills, and I finished ALL the ironing - way overdue!!! The phone kept ringing and we would all jump up to see who it was - what did we do way back when there was no Caller ID??? We were all on pins and needles so finally about 12:10, Scott called CCAI to see if we were indeed getting a call.

The director of CCAI office in Atlanta was put on the phone and he told Scott he would be calling us in about 15 minutes. Sure enough at 12:35, the phone rang and the ID said Denver, CO!!!!!! All five of us tried to answer a phone, but we were unable to hear very well, so we hung up all but two. The girls listened with us as Dick Dietz began to tell us about Ella Kate.

He told us he was looking at the most beautiful little girl! He actually got choked up and asked us to bear with him. This was his first ever referral call and we were very honored that he was calling us. We began to listen and write furiously all the information, although he told us it would all be coming in the FedEx packet on Saturday. We still wanted to write down everything. We are posting pictures from the morning.

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