Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Sweet EK Story

There has been a very smart and beautiful labradoodle
on the beach all week
and EK was infatuated with it until yesterday...

All of sudden she is in my lap sobbing
and then she made me cry~
Amelia was upset too.
It took a little while to figure out what was wrong.
She finally cried out, "I miss Fisher!".

The only way to calm her down was to take her for a walk~
get her away from the labradoodle.
Out of sight, out of mind.

Today the littles asked me when we were going home.
I told them day after tomorrow.
EK was VERY happy
and SJ was VERY sad.
EK wants to see her dog
and SJ wants to live in this beach house forever. :)


  1. ohhhh. EK does love animals. and especially Fisher of course. What a sweet girl.

    I'm with SJ - I'd live at the beach!

    Enjoy your last few days - LOVE the photo of EK with Amelia (so clear and so much real life emotion!!)

    xo ellie

  2. That is some serious puppy love! Bless her little heart!

    I would also join SJ at the beach!

  3. Awww, she makes me feel like crying! She is so sweet and sensitive!!

  4. Ha!! I bet Fisher's missing you guys too and ready to come home from the kennel. Especially since Tiger's not there with him. :>)