Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ride 'em Cowboy~ Will

Annie posted these sweet pics of Will and his best friend Grayson~
A few days ago when I was in House of Peace, I took out the rocking horse there for Perry and Grayson to play with. They had so much fun and (for the most part!) took turns with it very well! Perry laughed really hard when I'd whinny like a horse as he was riding. Maybe cow-poking is in his future!

I'd say he's going to LOVE the horses
right across the street as much as EK&SJ!!! Yay!!!


  1. That's great. He certainly looks like he's having fun riding.


  2. oh man - you must be so thrilled with all these updates and photos of your sweet sweet boy! It won't be long till you are holding him!!!

    xo ellie

  3. can almost hear him laugh with that smile:)

  4. Oh, I think you should be on the lookout for a toy pony for that baby! So cute!

  5. I've been catching up on your posts and am so happy you've been receiving daily updates on Will. He is such a sweet and lovable little boy. So looking forward to seeing those big smiles while he's in your arms.


  6. Will is SOOO adorable! They truly are happy and loved at SF. I pray Grayson's family finds him SOON, too. God bless your journey~
    Maureen (Sarah's (SF) momma)

  7. Seriously, he's the cutest little guy ever! He is going to be the perfect addition to your family!