Friday, June 24, 2011

Need a Will Fix?

Facebook is a wonderful thing at times~
especially when a family posts that they are about to fly
to China for their little girl @ Philip Hayden Foundation
where Will lives.

Yep, that happened and I immediately sent Gayle a message
that our Will was there.
Asked her to blow him a kiss while she was there.

Well, she did WAY more than that!!!
You guessed it~ PICTURES!!!!! YAY!!!

Gayle actually sat on the floor and played with our baby~
This is what Gayle shared~

Quite honestly...the pictures we took of him are not the best...we were trying to be discreet as the ayis were there and Sara said that they do not yet know about Will being adopted and we couldn't talk about it or make it obvious.

I have sent this picture separately because it is my favorite...i didn't notice the sweat coming down on his face, or I would have wiped it for him! He is such a sweet little boy with a quiet disposition, but slowly we 'made friends' and he was happy to play blocks with me/us. I was showing him how to blow his tower over and he loved that! This picture is of him holding up his tower...this was his 'proud little smile' as he held it for the picture. I truly cannot wait to follow your journey of bringing him home...i am excited to watch him bloom and open up as he is loved on by your amazing family!!

Thank you SO much Gayle for loving on our son

and giving us this precious glimpse of him!!!

More pics of Will's house and PHF to come. :)


  1. Sharon-

    WHAT a blessing!!! Your heart must be smiling BIG! What a little sweetie he is. And love the little details she shared with you about his personality. what a gift. He is just so sweet!
    Happy Happy Will Pics day!


  2. I always say this, because it's the truth....
    He is ADORABLE!!

  3. FB is wonderful. Congratulations on the new pics.


  4. I bet you can't wait to get your hands on him!


  5. Oh my!! Note to self: pack blocks. He looks like he loves to PLAY! Which is such a blessing! (and also, how cute is Gayle's little Thea!?) ha! Phillips Hayden has some hunnies!

  6. Oh My Word...Is he such a cutie!! It would be impossible to not fall in love with those sweet cheeks!!

  7. He is those cheeks. I'm visiting for the first time so will need to read a bit to see what your timeline looks like. Wish you all the best!

  8. I am SO looking forward to this baby being home!! Still amazed you are getting a BOY :)

  9. That was so sweet of her to do that for you! Loved all the pictures of Will. Her little girl looks precious, too! So happy for you.

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