Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Little Rosie News...

Haven't spotlighted Rosie lately...

She got 7 inches cut off her hair~ VERY cute~

She made varsity football cheer leading this year
and has had camp all this week~

She also has a summer job keeping my nephew's boys
but since she had camp this week, they stayed with us.
We swam every morning and the fav~ Popsicles!
A cute one of SJ~

Rosie also kept the littles last night
while we went out for our anniversary.
Here they are watching us drive away~

I tried to persuade Scott we didn't need to spend the money on dinner
but he said, "It's our 25th anniversary~
there are just some things you HAVE to do!"

Rosie shot these photos of us before we left.
I love this B&W one~

We had a great dinner away reminiscing over the first 25 years
and praying over the next 25-50 years. :)
We're shooting for our 75th anniversary!!!
Think I'll still be blogging??? LOL

The passage read at our wedding~
Ruth 1:16-17
But Ruth replied, “Don’t urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried. May the LORD deal with me, be it ever so severely, if even death separates you and me.”


  1. You have another photographer in the works. She did an amazing job on the picture of you and your hubby. Happy 25th Anniversary! And to many, many more.

  2. Happy Anniversary! May you have 50 more!


    Great pictures

  3. Here's to 50 more!!! Happy anniversary. I agree with Scott, somethings you just have to do!! Glad you all had a great evening!

  4. Ruth is my favorite book in the Bible. (also my grandmother's name and youngest sister's name)

    Rosie looks wonderful with her shorter hair. Congratulations to her on making varsity! Glad you two were able to go off alone-your husband is right about there being some things worth the extra money.


  5. You ALWAYS look so nice..Happy 25th Anniversary!!
    Congrats to your daughter..

  6. Rosie's name suits her! what a beautiful girl!


  7. Happy Anniversary! Wow - 25 years! That is a major one - of course you had to celebrate!

    Rosie is adorable - give her our congrats for making varsity cheerleading! That is exciting.

    xo ellie

  8. Happy 25th! Y'all are looking good!

  9. Rosie looks cute with her new haircut. Seven inches is close to the 10" needed for "Locks of Love." (You can't donate bleached or highlighted hair, though.) Maybe you can convince sweet Ella to donate her tresses to help a child in need!

  10. That is a beautiful black and white photo - happy anniversary!

  11. Yay for Rosie - that's awesome! Good for her. And you looked so pretty in your anniversary picture! glad you guys had fun celebrating!!!!!!!!!

  12. You guys are an absolutely gorgeous couple! Happy 25th!