Monday, June 13, 2011

A BIG Day for 2 Littles

~ EK went to Bible School and LOVED it~

On Saturday, Scott jumped in the pool to cool off
and before we knew it, SJ had jumped right beside him
without her swimmy (she had no idea she didn't have it on).
I freaked just a smidge and Scott grabbed her right away.
I knew right then it was time she had lessons.

So today Amelia asked SJ if she wanted to do swimming lessons.
SJ said YES!
And just look what happened in the first 5 minutes~ not kidding!

She is natural fish!!!

Since way before the wedding,
EK has had about 5 loose teeth
and just in the last 2 weeks 2 permanent teeth have grown in
behind the two front bottom ones.
One was barely hanging on and Scott said it was time for it to come out.
He grabbed some floss and I my camera~

And you may remember,
EK is very afraid of the tooth fairy
(don't know why)
SO, our elf Hermie is coming to drop off the money...
not in the house but in her carseat in the car.
We have had this planned for a very long time.
Wonder what will be in that little pocket in the morning. :)


  1. Our girl is nervous about the thought of anyone coming in the house at night. Santa, Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy. We tried to explain that those people leave good things but she doesn't care...sweet babies, no telling what they think

  2. I know why she is scared...or I can make a very good guess. We took Danielle to see an adoption therapist after Christmas and one of her issues was sleeping...she had trouble going to sleep (kept coming out to ask us silly questions), and she would ALWAYS end up sleeping in our room. Oh, and she was TERRIFIED of Tooth Fairies, Easter Bunnies, Santa - you name it. Turns out, her perception of when she was abandoned was that she was asleep - which is probably accurate considering she was only 1 month old. The therapists (and we all agree), that sleep is a trigger and when someone else - a stranger or imaginary "being" is coming into the house at night that is extra scary because they COULD take them away from another family - just like when they were taken from their birth family. It makes sense. All of our kids know that these "people" are make-believe and that Mommy and Daddy are just pretending, but Danielle still needs extra assurance during every special occasion. Poor little ones - it is sad how something fun can be so terrifying. Anyway, just thought that I would share with you a very possible (more likely probable) reason that your daughter is scared of the TF

  3. Oh my gosh you sure have had a couple of big milestones happening lately!!! Love seeing your little 'fish' and happy EK's daddy helped her lose that tooth. I get a little squeemish myself with the tooth stuff, which is pretty silly since I was an RN.


  4. We SO enjoyed watching JingJing swim! O said "I want to go there!" (me too!)

    She was also glad to see the pics of EK losing her tooth. She too is very scared and now she says she is only a little scared. EK was very brave!!!

    Joe said "Who is that?" to which Olivia replied, "My best friend." :)


  5. You need to get the Junie B. Jones toothless wonder book for her. JB was scared of the toothfairy too. the carseat was a great idea.

  6. That's great about Jing!!! Can't believe it. And poor poor EK!!!