Tuesday, May 17, 2011

They're Home!!!

Today was a major day for us...
we were notified the day before the wedding
that Amelia's fingerprints did not take
and we would have to take her back.
So we headed back downtown this morning
and walked right in 4 days early to get them done again.
Hoping to have approval very soon!

Then we were off to Savannah and Josh's apartment
to unload a carload of wedding gifts,
run to the grocery store for them,
and just hang out waiting for them to get home.

It was actually a rough trip...
~ Savannah's phone went missing
~ Late leaving Hawaii and missed connection @ LAX
~ Made it to Atlanta but missing luggage...

SO we were REALLY happy when they walked through the door~

A daddy SO thankful to hold his daughter again~

Oldest and youngest...
Savannah said SJ had grown~

There was so much to talk about~

and gifts to receive~

My 6 precious children back together!!!~

AND a momma and daughter reunited!!!

We can talk all we want now that
They're Home!!! YAY!!!


  1. Savannah is a MRS. So beautiful! Glad they are home!

  2. Love it! Did you get to watch them open gifts?

  3. What a great picture of you and Savannah! And the one of your SIX kids is great too...love it that you include Josh as one of your own...you will be a wonderful mother-in-law i'm sure!
    Gayle :)

  4. Wow that seemed like a quick honeymoon. I'm sure it felt like eternity for you. They look like they had a wonderful time in Hawaii. You took such wonderful photos of your reunion. Love the one of your hubby hugging your daughter. So sweet.

    Are you getting close to leaving for China? Can't wait to hear the news of your trip. What a blessing it will be to see your son finally in your arms. :-)


  5. You look SO happy to have her back.....so sweet! Enjoy picking up the phone and calling her whenever you want:)

  6. I know your Momma heart is happy to have all your chicks home again!! The pics are so sweet!

  7. You look happy to have your daughter home again! Glad to hear it was a good honeymoon, hopefully that phone and their luggage will show up quickly!

  8. I know you're elated to have them home safe and sound!!! Lots of smiles all around!!

    Happy Wednesday Shay. :)



  9. Happy Family!

    Hope the fingerprint appt brings a quick approval! Patience isn't easy this close to Will is it?

  10. What a sweet, sweet reunion! So glad they made it back safe and sound! Sorry to hear about the cell phone and luggage though. What a nightmare!

  11. awwwwww. such happy smiles :) I am a wee bit jealous as we've never been to Maui! You will have to hijack more photos from them and post them :)

    I just got Tia that top that EK & SJ have on in these photos - it is so cute! I'm hoping to see you soon!!!

    xo ellie

  12. So glad they got home safely and had a great time on their honeymoon!!