Saturday, May 28, 2011

Graduation 2011~ Amelia

Friday was a very big day for Amelia and our family~
her High School Graduation Day!
Weather was a concern but by early afternoon
all was well and graduation was to commence on the football field.

We had a family celebration before complete
with an ice cream cake from DQ.
We even sang Happy Graduation to her and John Daniel! :)

Last time out the door as a high schooler~

Amelia had quite the cheering section~

The field looked great!

She was SO happy and had fun the whole time~

We were SO proud to see her walk and receive her diploma~

Afterwards, it was photo time with all her wonderful friends!
She couldn't have asked for a sweeter group~

Family Photos~

And what topped the evening off perfectly?
A photo and hug from two of her favorite people!!!~

Coach Burch~tennis...

and Mrs. Ayers~ art teacher!...

It was the best of evenings~
perfect weather,
perfect length,
and perfect seniors!
Couldn't ask for anything more!!
SO proud of our amazing daughter Amelia!!!


  1. So I must ask-just how tall is your son in-law? I knew he was much taller than Savannah, but my family is full of short women and tall men; I didn't know he was that much taller than everyone else, too!

  2. Congratulations Amelia!!

    Love the picture of you and her. It's a nice one.
    Enjoy your long week-end!

  3. Awhhh,such special memories, I am in tears. Thanks for sharing the joyful day pictures!

  4. Congratulations, Amelia! You must be one proud mama! I am drooling over the outdoor ceremony! Graduations in the Midwest are always in crowded smelly gyms!

  5. that DQ cake looks yummy!

    She and John Daniel make such a cute couple.

    Looks like your girl has lots of support.


  6. I'm so glad that graduation was wonderful! Amelia looks SO happy in all the pictures and I know she was! I'm glad the weather was perfect for the occasion. I am sorry I wasn't able to come, too. I just felt kind of bad leaving Matt and Molly at home with the kids by themselves. I hope you understand.

  7. What a gorgeous graduate! I can tell how proud you are of her! Such beautiful photos filled with love!!!!