Monday, May 30, 2011

EK @ the Beach

EK has been to the beach
and absolutely LOVES it.
As soon as we made it to the condo,
she took SJ right to the glass door to show her the ocean.
I really believe SJ is so comfortable because EK is comfortable.

As soon as we are up each morning,
they begin asking when we will head to the beach.
We try to hold them off until around 9:30.
From the minute EK is out there,
she is on the move.

Searching for treasures~

Building and digging~

Swimming in the ocean and the pool~

And riding the waves on her boogie board~

Being outside all day,
is EK's dream life~
SO thankful to be here living her dream this week!!!


  1. We are going to Myrtle Beach (North) for the first time on Saturday for a week..I am loving looking at your pictures as it looks so nice:)
    You have a beautiful family!!

  2. they both look health, happy and full of summer!

    and the bathing suits are so sweet!


  3. I don't blame her at all; what could possibly be better?


  4. So glad she's having a ball - that they all are!!