Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Box

Not long ago,
I was at my mom's and noticed a beautiful toy box.
I made a comment how beautiful it was
and it wasn't long after...
She and Daddy gave us this~

What makes it so special?
The cedar it is made from was cut by my daddy on his farm
and taken to a friend of his who makes boxes.
I LOVE it!!!

Another reason I love it is...
when this little one plays like this~

I can let go of my once OCD toy clean up
and just throw it all in the Toy Box!!!
Why did I think organizing each kind of toy in a basket
was necessary???
There is no need...
This beautiful Toy Box has freed us from clean up CRAZINESS!!!
Thank you mama and daddy!!!

Adoption Update~
Today we buckled up

and drove to Kinko's
to make copies of our dossier~

so that when we come home
from our vacation next weekend,
everything will be in place to get our dossier to China!


  1. Wow! What a fabulous box! It looks like the perfect place for toys!

    Hooray for your trip to Kinko's. You are one step closer!

  2. What a special toy box. I must admit that I am OCD about playroom cleaning. :)

    Adoption progress. Yahoo!

  3. What a beautiful box! Oh my!

    Love the new look of your blog!

  4. yay to letting go of the OCD!! Elijah plays just like that! love it! and what a gorgeous Toy Box!

    Hallelujah to being one step closer to your sweet boy!

    Tia has been playing with that remote control puppy ever since EK was here :)

    xo ellie

  5. What a special treasure ...AND it's a remedy for OCD!! - Priceless!!! ;)

    I've been enjoying reading through all of your recent blog posts and catching up on your adoption progress. Almost DTC is a great feeling, isn't it!?! Loving the new pics of your little man, too!

    God bless! <><

  6. the box is beautiful Sharon. And, the story behind it is really wonderful! Something to treasure.

    can't wait to hear where you are going on vacay!


  7. Love the sunshine in the playroom and what a special toy box! A treasure for sure, thanks for sharing the pictures.

    And YIPPEE to almost DTC! What a feeling that is!

    You made my day, I had to smile at your girl's car-seats...cow and leopard prints, really? Too cute and oh so perfect!

  8. Love the beautiful toy box and the story behind it...

    And as for your adoption update...Will, your Mamma is coming to get you soon!!!

    My Will sits in a cow print carseat just like SK. so cute!!

    hugs to you Shay!


  9. Love the box! Love that you are almost LID!! Whoo Hoo!!

  10. Love that gorgeous toy box!

    And LOVE that you are almost LD!!! Cant wait to see Will HOME!!

  11. It is a beautiful toy box-I might be tempted to use it for linen if it was in my house. The basket thing is a really good idea....if you don't have children :-)