Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Big Girls~

Amelia and Rosemary both brought friends with them to the beach~
Brooke and Leah.
What have they been up to?

Lots of laying out on the beach~

Helping EK ride her boogie board~

Making SJ a mermaid~

Playing ball~


Dressing up at night~

So we could go out to eat~

Or do a little outlet shopping~

Or make a stop at the hot sign~

No matter what they are doing~
you can be sure there is plenty of laughing going on...
They are having a ball too!!!

The College Girls~

The Sophomores ~

The Sisters~

They LOVE the beach!!!


  1. we always brake for Hot Krispy Kreme
    signs! YUMMY

  2. I am loving looking at your pictures:) I just showed them to my husband. I can not wait till Saturday as that will be ME on the beach:)
    I love your update on Will!!! He is a handsome boy.

  3. It looks like everyone had a blast at the beach. Cute pictures!

  4. Real bathing beauties!

    Not sure where you are but it looks like paradise!


  5. Not much better than spending time at the beach.
    Wonderful pics of all of the beauties!!!

    I used to live in Wilmington, NC so know exactly where you are...we would spend time in Myrtle Beach. fun times!!