Sunday, May 15, 2011

2011 Tennis Banquet/Awards Day

Last Monday evening, Amelia and Rosemary
had their tennis banquet.
It was a wonderful evening of celebrating
their great accomplishments...

This was Rosemary's first year on the high school team
and she received a team award
along with 4 other freshman friends~

Rosemary and Betsy~

This was Amelia's fourth year on the team
and as a graduating senior,
she was awarded several great things~

Coach Burch had such sweet things to say about her~

Senior girls with the coach~

Captain pin~

All the awards she received~

Thought this plaque was especially nice
recording all her HS sports accomplishments~

One of the sweetest things Amelia said about her coach~
"He's my hero"...
that's the best compliment I can think of~

Beautiful girls~

Couldn't be more proud of our senior!

Later on in the week on Thursday morning,
Scott and I attended the HS awards banquet.
Amelia and Brooke~

Rosemary received the Highest GPA in College Prep World History~

Rosemary and Emily~

Hard to believe Amelia is coming to the end of her senior year
and Rosemary her freshman year~
time sure flies!!!
SO SO SO proud of our sweet girls!!!

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  1. What a fun and exciting night! You must be soooo proud of the bigs!