Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday~ A Long Good Day

We left home about nine o'clock this morning
headed to the Immigration office downtown Atlanta...
~ for our fingerprint appointment.
One step closer to sweet Will!
In and out in 20 minutes!!!

Then we grabbed a quick bite for lunch.

Then Scott and the bigs headed to Dahlonega
to take Amelia for a visit/ID badge and
dump Savannah's apartment for good...

while the littles and I headed to the doctor
for a sick appointment.
They have both felt yuck for about 3 weeks~
both have sinus infections
plus we were able to get EK's 6 year check up taken care of.
She needed two vaccines and SJ comforted her! :)

Don't know what they would do without each other!!!

Finally made it home about 6
and SO thankful to be safe and sound!!!

3 days until graduation~
9 days until the wedding and counting. :)


  1. Woot! On the fingerprints! Ours are 5/20!!! Glad the girl are on the mend! Looking forward to the wedding! (s&j's)!!

  2. can not wait to see those wedding pics and hear all about it. Love that your one step closer to your will :)

  3. Whooo hooo! One step closer to your handsome little guy!

    Hope the littles are feeling better soon! We had sinus infections here last month and it was such a drag!

    9 more days until the wedding?! How do you sleep at night?! I am sooo excited for you!

  4. So glad you got your fingerprints...whoooo hooooo! Only 9 days until wedding.....whooo hooooo toooo:)

  5. I love that Dad is in the back seat!

    And, I love those girls in their yellow.

    Enjoy this special time!


  6. Such exciting times for your whole family!
    Love the picture of Daddy riding in the back of the car w/ all the girls, too cute! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Let the countdown begin. Has A decided for sure on NG?

  8. Love the picture of the bigs and their dad in the car, but what a timeline! You must be a bundle of nerves with two such big events right around the corner.