Wednesday, April 13, 2011

EK's 6th Birthday

EK has been counting down her birthday since Christmas.
When April finally came,
she bolted to our calendar each day to change the date
and announce to everyone how many days were left.

In the midst of birthday talk,
SJ decided it was her birthday too.
Whenever EK's birthday was mentioned,
she immediately said, "My birthday too!".
We never told her any different
and EK was very sweet to share with her sister. :)

EK got an American Girl doll for Christmas
and had decided she would go to the AG store for her birthday
she saw an ad for Fernbank on PBS one day during lunch...
not only did they have dinosaurs~
there was an exhibit with a unicorn.
She was bound and determined she would go there for her birthday.
When I asked her about the AG store,
she said, "Oh I will just tell Memommy to go there
and get me something.". LOL and she did (online)!!!

The morning began with breakfast and a little gift~
a Tangled DS game for EK
and Smart Girls DS for SJ.

Then we were off to...

The beautiful unicorn!!!

After a morning of Natural History...
our tummies were empty and we were off to...
Maggiano's!!! YAY!!!

A great meal and yummy lemon cookies for dessert~
then home...
and on the way, we stopped to make pics in a gorgeous
Canola field!!! (next post)


  1. So glad she had a great birthday! Looks like you all had a lot of fun! I can't believe she's 6 already!

  2. Maggiano's, now that's my kind of field trip! :)

  3. Happy Birthday, EK! Looks like a fun day. Fernbank is on our "to do" list as well. And Maggiano's? Yumm-o!

  4. What a fun girl EK is! Fernbank looks like our kind of place! ( and just today we were just talking about going to the American Girls store . . .)

    Very sweet that SJ got a gift too :) I was thinking about getting Tia a DS for her birthday - I wasn't sure she is old enough - but I guess she might be! I'll have to get the scoop on some age appropriate games!

    Happy Birthday EK! and yum! Maggiano's sounds so good!

    xo ellie

  5. I was at Fernbank on Sunday! That is so funny! Bri loved the unicorn and the Pegasus.

    Happy Birthday EG!

  6. Wow! You gals really know how to celebrate a birthday! I don't know who had more fun -- the bigs or the littles! Cute pictures!

  7. Happy Birthday to a sweet little girl.


  8. Oh that unicorn was SO worth going for!! Happy 6th Birthday, EllaKate!