Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

Today was a very sweet day for the littles~
especially SJ... her first Easter egg hunt!
She absolutely LOVED it!!!

It all started with a little snack
and devotional about Jesus and Easter~

And then outside for the hunt
on the parking lot because it was so wet...

Ready, Set, HUNT!

Best Friends~ EK and Rachel...

SJ SO proud of all her eggs~

Max too~

Such a happy time!

Sweet friends~
Madelyn, EK, and Rachel.

Rachel gave EK a zebra for her birthday~
they named it ZZ. :)

Egg hunt was a huge success
and they are already looking forward to tomorrow~
egg hunting, egg dying, and swimming!!! :)

Blessings to you all this Easter.


  1. So fun to see SJ's delight in Easter egg hunting:) Madeline's best little friend is blue eyed and blonde just like EK's..... so cute to see together! Happy Easter!!! by the way my computer is STILL backing up! Mike said that is normal....

  2. What a precious day! All I could think about when I saw that last picture was "Boy, won't Max be happy to have Will!!" LOL


  3. Such cute pics! Totally borrowed some of them :>) It was so much fun!

  4. What lovely pictures of your special Saturday!
    SJ's face is just precious when she's holding up her basket.