Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Afternoon

After the kitchen was cleaned and
everyone off to their house,
we changed into swimsuits and headed to the pool.
The water is shocking cold but the littles act like it's nothing!!!

A&R completely satisfied to just lay out. :)

When Scott finally made it back home,
we took a ride in the boat and...
some of our crazy children took a swim! :)

Amy and Max came over for egg dying and decorating!
SO fun!!!
The dying went great~

and I think Jingy decorated one...

but you know what their favorite part of the whole thing was???
Eating them!!!

2 each and Jingy had 2 for breakfast!
A big hit!!!
Thanks Amy and Max~ can't wait to do it again next Easter!!!


  1. Ours were in Lake Lanier yesterday water skiing (S and L were successful and Alaina gave it her frist try). Ally hopped in for a few minutes but preferred to play on the back of Randi's boat with the water guns! Way too cold for me!

  2. Love your adorable family. Glad it was a wonderful day spent with family. Our weather was rainy here in CA can you believe it? But still a beautiful celebration of our Lord.

  3. Great pics, as always! Our boys love, love, love boiled eggs. Within about 30 seconds of finishing the egg dye Friday, they were each peeling one! I'm NOT a fan of boiled eggs, so didn't make them for William when he first came home. About a month or two after his arrival, we were at Kroger and he saw boiled eggs sliced in a salad and got very excited, exclaiming "Ookrynah Eggs!" (Ukraine eggs). Apparently they're very popular in Ukraine, and both boys think they're awesome.

  4. Sounds like a PERFECT day!!!! And I'm pretty impressed by how much you packed in to one day!!! Love the pictures (always!)
    Have a beautiful week!

  5. I can't wait till we can get to the's been a long winter...we love the lake! I just discovered that our newest addition loves boiled eggs too...she's my only kid to actually like eating them.

  6. Mya loves hard boiled eggs too! Funny - and deviled ones! I cant believe your crazy kids got in the water!! We still have our winter coats out here! Can we really even be in the same country?!?!?!??!??! HA!!

    Love the new header! I need a link to a good tutorial to make a new header. I want something simple and I have PSE and the elements to match my wallpaper on my blog. HELP! Im not ready to purchase a redesign :-)

  7. What a fun Easter! Cute pictures of the chicks!

  8. Adorable as always!!! I can't believe they went swimming...was it cold?