Saturday, March 26, 2011

Prom 2011~ A Black Tie Affair

Prom has been on our minds for a few months now
and the dress being the most important of decisions.
This was the first year Amelia got to 'buy' a dress
instead of borrowing one.
She knew exactly what she was looking for
and found it in a wonderful shop in Athens...

Today was a day of makeup, hair, and nails. :)
John Daniel came over around 5:15 for a few photos...

Rain couldn't even keep them from being excited!!!

We left home and met the crowd
at Cateechee Country Club for group photos.

After photos, they loaded the party limo
and headed to dinner.

They are all meeting back at Brooke's for breakfast
and then to Sarah's to sleep. :)

A wonderful night for sweet and beautiful Amelia!!!


  1. Oh my your daughter looked so beautiful! I remember many moons ago going to my prom. We definitely didn't look as grown up as your daughter's friends. :-) Hope she had a magical night enjoying her time with good friends.


  2. Oh, Sharon, Amelia is stunningly beautiful. I love the dress. So many dresses are just, um, not appropriate for a teenager :) and this one is just so perfect. Hope they had a wonderful time. I'm sure the stories you will hear tomorrow will be those of wonderful memories made.

  3. What a fun night! Hope they all had FUN! We have a few weeks before our "first prom"! She is beautiful!

  4. Sharon,
    What a beautiful couple!! Your pictures are great!!! Do you remember our Prom pictures...? :) I love how your entire family was there at the CC. So sweet! I hope she had a wonderful night with her friends!!!!!


  5. Sharon,
    Amelia is just beautiful! I don't think you need to hire a photographer for the wedding! Your pics are just beautiful!! John David and Madeline have grown up going to many gatherings for prom to take pics, it is such a fun time! I have to say all the girls dresses were so gorgeous and so appropriate,what a beautiful group!! I'm sure she had a wonderful time:)

  6. Amelia is STUNNING!!! And I love her dress...great choice! ;)

  7. Blue was a perfect choice! Just beautiful! I loved looking at all the girls dresses. Fun! I also like the borrowing idea. May have to steal that one!

  8. Amelia looked breathtaking! What a wonderful night! All the dresses were so pretty.

    It rained on my prom night too. I think it is good luck! I ended up marrying my prom date six years later. :D

  9. Amelia looked so beautiful!! Her dress matches his eyes! How perfect is that?! Thanks for sharing her night.

  10. A beautiful dress for a very beautiful girl!! every time I see Amelia I think how she was the only one who noticed Brian and I weren't on the bus that one day in China!! We may still be there if it weren't for that sweet little girl!! :o)

  11. WOW!! I just can't get over how pretty Amelia looked! Her hair, her makeup, her BEAUTIFUL smile!!!! I can't get over how pretty all of your children are...inside and out. You must be doing something right!! God bless!!

  12. It's been sooo long since I have looked at any prom pictures! What an amazing night! Amelia looked absolutely beautiful! What a cute couple!

  13. Amelia is so beautiful! Her dress is amazing!
    And I too noticed it matched her date's eyes, so cool! Looks like lots of fun memories were made and you caught them in pictures, thanks for sharing!

  14. I love the dress Amelia picked out! Gorgeous! And yes, all the girls are very fancy - we certainly didn't get that dressed up - but it looks like lots of fun!