Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Life is Great with SJ!

SJ loves being outside as much as EK does
and asks to go out all the time.
Lately when she wants something she says,
"Pwease" (again)
"Super pwease"...
not sure where she got that from but it's SO sweet!

On Sunday, she enjoyed playing bubbles

and riding her bike...

Life is great with SJ~
she is feeling more secure with all of us,
she is down to maybe two wake ups at night,
she is staying dry at night,
she is trying new foods and drinks,
she is acting more and more like a secure three year old:
a little bossy, a little whiny, a little funny, and VERY sweet!!!

Me: I love you to China and back.
SJ: You got me in China.
Me: Yes, I did. Who did you live with there?
SJ: My nanny.
Me: Who do you love?
SJ: You my mommy, not my nanny, you my mommy.

Yes... Life is GREAT with SJ!!! :)


  1. I love that she says "you MY Mommy" :) so sweet! I'm so glad she has transitioned so well! What a blessing she is!

    xo ellie

  2. Another milestone that you forgot...she sat by her Aunt Lynn without being asked! :) Tell sweet JingJing that I am so proud of her bike riding!!!

    Gotta add that Fisher's tongue is so funny!


  3. SJ is so sweet! So glad that she is doing well, and so glad that she is a secure three year old.

    Three year olds whine and are bossy? Now way? We never ever experience that here. Wink, sigh...

  4. I LOVE "super pwease"!!!:) Adoption is just an awesome experience, would not trade it for anything!! "you my mommy" so very sweet, she is just beautiful!

  5. It is amazing to see them "get" it! There's no greater love!

  6. So funny she says "super pwease." I hope she knows she can love both her nanny and her "my mommy." Does she still look at her picture book of China?

  7. She is so very adorable!! And I love picturing Will in a few years learning to ride his bike in your driveway just like she is! What a precious thought!