Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Let Me See...

SJ had a pretty good night
considering what she went through yesterday.
I probably got up with her about 10 times~
only needed a pat or kiss or to be covered up.

This morning she woke up kind of fretful...
not like herself at all and after a few questions,
realized she probably had a sore throat from the breathing tube
and her mouth just plain ached.
After some TLC and medicine,
she got to feeling a little better.

We didn't really ask to see SJ's teeth much yesterday
but today, EK was certainly curious.
Actually it was SJ that asked her sister to see her teeth first.

and then EK wanted to see SJ's...

to which EK says...
"WOW mom, Jing is SO lucky.
She has WAY more silver teeth than I do!"
I had a big chuckle. :)
Yeah, SJ is SO lucky...

And then...
I read this post Uncomfortable.
I began to think about ALL SJ has been through since being home.

Some might think...

How awful that she had heart surgery just 3 days after getting home...

ME: SO thankful she was home when she had the TET spell
and not still in China or on the plane.

How awful that she has had SO many doctors appointments
and then a heart cath
only to find nothing really wrong.

ME: SO thankful to have a wonderful cardiologist
that is on top of SJ's heart care~
even sending us for a heart cath that showed...

How awful that she had to have a three hour dental surgery
and now enduring some pain and discomfort.

ME: SO thankful we were able to have the surgery
so she could have a healthier life and heart...
not to mention mouth!!!

You may be wondering what this all has to do with the Uncomfortable post...

I had chosen not to listen to God and Savannah
back in 2005 when we were called to adopt EK?

She would still be one of over 150 babies
spending nights tied to a crib bundled in snow clothes
because there was no heat in her orphanage

left in a walker all day with no one to pick her up
and hold her for just a few minutes.

we had thought SJ's heart defect was too serious?

She would not have survived without heart surgery
and her teeth would have rotted right in her mouth.

Looking back on all these photos
makes me VERY uncomfortable (especially gotcha day ones!)

and I really don't want
to see and remember their life before they came home...

but I agree with Amy when she wrote...
"When I stop those feelings, is when I am forgetting.
Forgetting means orphans do not exist."

Orphans DO exist
and if you let this all make you uncomfortable,
you may just receive one of the biggest gifts you could ever imagine...

a gorgeous daughter inside and out
full of life and energy...

a beautiful baby sleeping soundly on the sofa
recuperating after major surgery
in her forever home safe and sound...

the thrill to be waiting to travel for a beautiful baby boy!

I pray I am never comfortable as long as orphans
still need a forever family.
Please pray and see just where God leads you...

You WILL be blessed!!!

James 1:27

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this:

to look after orphans and widows in their distress

and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

Francis Chan~ Crazy Love

"Having faith often means doing what others see as crazy.

Something is wrong when our lives make sense to unbelievers."


  1. Just a beautiful post, made me cry! I am reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan and one of the best quotes in it is when he writes "Having faith often means doing what others see as crazy. Something is wong when our lives make sense to unbelievers." Just love that!
    Hope SJ has felt better as the day has gone on, poor baby!

  2. WOW! You have such a way with words Sharon. May we never be comfortable....ever. Thanking God that your precious angels are comfortably in the loving arms of their forever family and looking forward to the day that Will joins them!

  3. I am glad your girl is recuperating. I am sure you all had a very stressful day!

    Just wanted to let you know too how very touching this postnis. Thank you, for the reminder.


  4. I'm pretty much sick at my stomach looking at the picture of EK standing in the crib. I haven't seen that one.
    I'm comfortable with my why did you have to go and post this??!
    Love You!


  5. What a great post. Seeing all the sweet babies in walkers . . . Yikes, that got me. I so want to be "uncomfortable" just one more time. I pray and if it is to be it will.


  6. Yes, yes, yes. May we continue to be uncomfortable!

  7. Wowsers you are such a vessel and He is using you to shake up so many hearts. Don't worry girl, I'm ready to be uncomfortable! Just waiting on Him and His timing!

  8. Shay,

    I love this post! - and I loved LOTS O' KIDZ post on uncomfortable - thanks for sharing that!

    beautiful photos!

    xo ellie

  9. Great post for a mommy's heart, thanks for sharing.
    Praying Shaylee Joy is bouncing back quickly and enjoying all that TLC!

  10. Thanks for the reminder to be uncomfortable and that God's will allows us that discomfort to see Him, draw close to Him, to recognize Him. :)
    Love that statement from Francis Chan too...we went through that in our SS class as the Parker's were leaving to go back overseas...I said to my SS teacher one day...sometimes our lives don't even make sense to believers either!
    Love ya!

  11. Oh, wow! Not sure I coud agree more! Wo prays, "Lord, don't let me get comfortable"? but, we should!

    ShayleeJoy is such a trooper! Gods timing was perfect for her and for you!

  12. I pray that one day we will bring home a precious baby (or babies) just like y'all! It makes my heart melt every time I see your blog! They are SO precious and we can't wait to have one of our own!