Sunday, March 6, 2011

Amelia is 19!

How did this baby...

turn into this beautiful girl SO quickly?

God's grace is SO amazing!!!

Amelia had around 25 of her closest friends last night
for a birthday party...

They ate, hung out, played Just Dance, had a bonfire,
and watched movies until very late...

We sang Happy birthday and ate cake.

The littles loved having all these kids over!

Today after church our family all came for lunch
(yeah Josh and Savannah were here too!)
and we all celebrated again with cookie cake!!!

It has been a wonderful birthday weekend
even with all the rain...
good thing about this is~
the lake is filling up for the summer!!! :)

I think I will say the same thing I said about Amelia last year...
Isn't She Lovely???
~ She loves Jesus!
~ She is an AMAZING daughter!
~ She is a very sweet sister!
~ She has the kindest heart!
~ She is a say it like it is and honest as the day is long girl. :)
~ She is carefree and low maintenance.
~ She is very contentious and maticulous about her work.
~ She is a GOOD friend.
~ She is VERY neat and organized.
~ She is an artist.
~ She loves tennis- on tennis team.
~ She goes with the flow and doesn't make everything about herself.
~ She all about having FUN!!!
~ She makes us proud everyday of her life!!!

God blessed us immensely when He gave us
the gift of Amelia Frances Ankerich!!!
We love you so much sweet daughter of ours!!!


  1. well first off I just love Amelia's name. Beautiful.

    Looks like the celebration was suitable for such a lovely girl!


    PS. we have a 19 year - Katie

  2. YES - I love the name Amelia Frances too!

    What a great group of kids! You are such a brave woman with all those teenagers - I love it!!

    Happy 19th Birthday, Amelia!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday! Looks like she enjoyed her celebrations a ton. Love all the pics!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMELIA!!! I thought it was so neat that her cake said "Fran." My nickname is Fran and that's pretty much all my family calls me! Too cool! :)

  5. Lovely indeed! What a fun celebration. It sais so much about what great parents you are when your teenager Loves to hang out at home with her friends :) Happy Birthday Amelia!

  6. I also love the name Amelia Frances. I remember reading that Frances was Scott's mother's middle name and maybe someone from your side, too. (My sister-in-law chose a middle name that was used on both sides of the family for my nephew; I think it's a lovely idea.) Looks like Amelia had a fun birthday weekend!!

  7. She must be special; how many people do you know that can count 25 others as their closest friends? Happy Birthday to her.


  8. A Very Very Happy Birthday to your sweet Ameilia! She does shine :)

    xo ellie

  9. Looks like they had so much fun at the party on Sat night! We had a great time coming over for lunch and celebrating, too. Everything tasted SO good, ha ha! Can't believe she's 19. :>)

  10. Wow! What a fun birthday weekend! Love all of the pictures!