Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wedding One~ Savannah's First Bridal Shower

Today began with the amazing news of Will's PA...
and a house filled with girls, girls, girls getting ready for Savannah's shower.

Scott's two sisters, Jan and Susan, hosted it at Susan's house.
Everything was so nice
and we loved seeing family and friends
on this very special day!!!

The girls looked SO beautiful!!!

The Bigs...

The Littles and Carson...

Mother and daughter~
this day was SO surreal to me...
it seems only yesterday I was her and my mom was me.
Time flies by in a blink.

Maids of Honor~

Savannah was so excited last night when she went to bed.
She said it was just like Christmas~
and today felt just like it.
SO wonderful to watch her open all the things
that will make her house a home. :)

Just thankful!!!

Beauty in and out!

Loves of my life...
My mom and my daughter!!!

Couldn't resist~
told you we were a kissing kind of family!!!

The Sisters with Savannah

Best Cousins!

Jan, Aunt Hazel, Savannah, Susan

Jennifer, Carson, Savannah

PaPa even got to stop by~
thanks to Lance, Sherry, and Landry.

It was one of the best days of our lives~
SO thankful for this beautiful daughter
and the love she shares with everyone around her.
I could choose to look at myself and be sad that she is leaving her home...
but I know God has ordained this journey for her
and I am so thankful to be her mom!

Ruth 1:16
But Ruth replied, "Don't urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.


  1. Enjoy every moment because too fast it will all be precious memories!


  2. What a LOVELY post! I loved the picture of you and Savannah. Oh my, Sharon, you have come full circle. I love the picture of all of the girls together...that will soon change. :) I love seeing Marcia and Amy. I love the 3 generations picture.
    What a wonderfully blessed day for all of you!


  3. You all look so beautiful!

    Where do you get your little girls cardigans and do you change out the buttons. I absolutely love their outfits.

  4. You're right, time does fly by in a blink, marked by moments like this that we live over and over again because they're so special.


  5. I remember being very emotional the days of my girls bridal showers. I think more emotional than the wedding. I think it was just seeing all our female friends and family together honouring m daughter.

    You all look beautiful.


    PS. When my son Blair got married there was a man shower. It got all kinds of outdoor tools and patio furniture!

  6. What special times and memories for you all, Shay!!! Savannah is absolutely glowing with happiness!

    Beautiful pics, love the 3 generation one of you, your mom and Savannah.


  7. Savannah looks so beautiful... dazzling smile, cute figure, perfect hair and make-up. She is just glowing!

  8. I can never get over all the beauty in your family! Savannah is SO IN LOVE, it's obvious from her blog..precious, lasting love! I hope I get a kiss when we meet ;)

  9. Seriously, I have never seen such a glowing bride-to-be! What a lovely day full of precious memories!

    There is so much excitement at your house. How do you sleep at night?! HA HA!