Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Party Day

We began the day with a drive into town for Li Li's birthday party. Each little girl dressed in their favorite princess dress and enjoyed having their make up done and their fingernails painted. This was right up EllaKate's alley- she LOVES to dress up and play princess. She asks me quite often if she looks like CinderELLA. :-) Of course she does, only much more beautiful!!! Savannah and Rosemary went with me. It was so great to see Savannah. She has a very big week coming up at school so please be thinking of her. She also has a precious hall mate whose mom passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack yesterday am. Savannah and a couple of friends drove up to see Hannah. Please pray their family will be comforted in this sad time and all the girls can be there for their friend.

After Li Li's party, we had lunch with Bev and Carol (Shelby, Emma, and Anna). It was great to catch up. We ran a few errands and then went to Shelby's birthday party @ Monkey Joe's. It was a huge building full of jumping things. There were two areas for different age children. EllaKate loved playing with Anna, Emma, and Li Li. Rosemary had a ball going on the big kid things and playing with the little girls too. I am so sad I didn't even get a picture of Shelby. I may get one from someone's stash of pics from the party. We had a great time. As soon as we got in the car to come home, EllaKate was asleep. She had played herself completely out.

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  1. What a fun princess party... the perfect girly-girl kind of day! :) Great photos,too!!

    I will keep Savannah's hallmate and her family in my prayers... how hard to loose her mom at such a young age. Praying that God's grace comforts her during this difficul time.

    I will be sharing your link with my sister. She just asked me about my camera strap and wants to order one, too... so I'm sending her your way! :)

    Have a blessed week! <><
    ~ Tanya