Sunday, February 27, 2011

Joy to Love~ What They Say

I knew exactly what I wanted to post for this day!
For the past couple of weeks,
SJ has begun using the word My in front of Mom
every time she says it.

I love you My Mom.
Hold me My Mom.
I need to go potty My Mom.
I'm hungry My Mom.
Goodnight My Mom.

Every single time she says it,
I melt!!!
It speaks volumes to my heart!!!

just wondering if you think SJ and Will look alike???

Two peas in a pod...
both from Fujian, China~ amazing!!!


  1. No wonder your heart melts. What a milestone that she really understands the concept of mother versus caretaker... and that you are hers and she is yours! So, so sweet!

  2. That is just TOO sweet! My heart is melting just reading about it! Love it!!! :)

    And YES, I totally think SJ and Will look alike... you may just have to get some DNA testing done when they are together... ya never know!! ;) ...there are just too many similarities/coincidences!!!


    P>S> LOVE the new blog header... it's BRILLIANT! The name is just perfect!!

  3. Oh that made me cry! That is just the sweetest, sweetest thing. She's so precious.

    You will get so tired of people asking if Jing and Will they are twins!


  4. When I first saw Will's picture I thought it WAS your little SJ! Had to do a double-take. :)

  5. I can understand the heart melting thing with words like that coming from such a sweet little girl. They do look alike in the first shot. Should be fun to see them together in 2011!


  6. They certainly do look alike; when I first saw the picture I thought it was SJ! Congratulations to your family!

  7. That is so sweet! "My" friend :) I think SJ & Will look like a boy/girl version of each other! Like my Jonah &Isabella! It is all too exciting!

    xo ellie

  8. I cannot even begin to tell you how INSANELY excited I was to hear your BIG news!!! CONGRATULATIONS on a BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT baby Boy!!!! I have to say that I think our God is Brilliant, and Exciting, and Funny, and LOVING!!

  9. This is so sweet!

    They look so much alike!! that is amazing!!

  10. Adorable, and how sweet that you are 'her Mom!'

    Well from one Fujian mommy to another...they certainly DO look a like!!!! Will is just squeezable!!!


  11. Awww, I love all the sweet things she's saying! So special! And yes, I think they look alike!

  12. Sharon, they are just plain ADORABLE!! I love that SJ call you "My Mom".....that just melts my heart. She is a blessing in every way!

    Have a wonderful week~



  13. Sharon, I'm am over the top excited for you and your family. I've been away for awhile and was over joyed by your news! Will is adorable and yes, he does look like's remarkable. I read through how God spoke to you. I let all the Troops here know what is going on. We all follow you. Then Ron got on his computer to read about it. You are so inspiring. Of course being a Fujian Mom myself...Lucey also puts "My" in front of Daddy and Mommy and her brothers. She will say, "I love you My Daddy." There is something just so beautiful about making Mommy and Daddy that personal...possessive. We will be praying for your journey....this is so exciting! Love to all, Beth